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Our state’s policymakers may seem far removed from your daily activities, but the policies can ultimately make or break your business. The New York Electronic & Life Safety Association (NYELSA) is working hard for you and to make your voice heard. That’s why it sponsors the New York Alarm PAC.


New York Alarm PAC Unifies and Strengthens Our Voice

The PAC is a strategic tool that brings NYELSA members and all who are concerned and interested in the industry, together to help elect life safety/security-friendly candidates that will make fair and reasonable policies to advance life safety.

New York Alarm PAC needs your help to elect life safety/security-friendly candidates to state office. There is no individual or group in a better position to minimize the risk of political decisions on your business than you or your colleagues working in partnership through New York Alarm PAC.

Mission & Vision

New York Alarm PAC’s mission is to forge a powerful political partnership among NYSESA, its local associations, and all members, to protect the security industry from legislative and regulatory risk. In its efforts to elect life safety/security-friendly candidates, New York Alarm PAC strives to keep America and New York safe.

Legislative Advocacy

As an individual, you may already support local, state and Congressional candidates with your own financial contributions. That is great, but consider the impact your financial support can have through New York Alarm PAC. Candidates who receive support form New York Alarm PAC know the issues that brought NYSESA members together. They understand the depth of that support because it comes from thousands of security dealers and associates all across New York State.

Networking Events

Special networking events and/or opportunities for recognition are provided to the New York Alarm PAC contributors. You may contribute more or less than the suggested amounts up to $5,000 per year to the New York Alarm PAC, or not at all, without favor or disadvantage.


Why Should I Contribute to the PAC?

Your personal contributions help to build your relationships with lawmakers. Your contribution to New York Alarm PAC helps to build credibility for your industry. People have asked how much to give. The truth is any amount is appreciated. The New York Alarm PAC has provided some suggested contribution levels based on the number of staff in your company.

  • 1 to 5 employees $50
  • 6 to 10 employees $100
  • 11 to 15 employees $200
  • 16 to 20 employees $500
  • 21 to 50 employees $1,000
  • 51 and more employees $2,000

Send in your contribution today. You will show your commitment to your industry and have your voice heard at the same time!

Contributions to New York Alarm PAC are completely voluntary. You may choose not to contribute without reprisal. Contributions to New York Alarm PAC will be used for political purposes and are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes. State law requires political action committees to report the name, mailing address, occupation, and the name of employer for each individual whose contributions exceed $200 in a calendar year. Foreign nationals cannot contribute to New York Alarm PAC. Thank you for your support!

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