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We are here for you! Our mission is to promote the fire equipment distribution industry in Pennsylvania, inform our members of current issues, educate fire equipment distributor companies, and represent the fire equipment distribution industry before the state legislature and local governmental agencies in PA.

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PaFED Needs You, & You Need PaFED!

Come join other individuals in the fire equipment distribution industry and help make a difference. Together, we can collectively share the importance of the products and services that we offer.

The Pennsylvania Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (PaFED) represents the interests of the fire equipment industry throughout PA. PaFED represents Fire Equipment Companies, Manufacturers, and Distributors that do business in the State of Pennsylvania.


Legislative Advocacy

PaFED is working hard for you and to make your voice heard.


Networking Events

Networking opportunities abound at PaFED. Membership meetings and other activities abound. Grow your contact list and your business with the industry's leading manufacturers, vendors and technology providers. 


Virtual / In Person Training

Presenting speakers on industry topics and educational requirements for fire equipment distributors and technicians.


Promotional Marketing

Our website lists all members and offers links to their website and e-mail addresses. It also includes a “Members Only” section, email newsletters and event promotions on social media that feature our sponsors. 

Grow Your Business with PaFED

The fire industry in PA is changing constantly. Membership with PaFED helps you stay abreast of changing ordinances, provides legislative advocacy, and can connect you with the resources you need for continuing education. 

Click on the button below to get started. You can complete the entire process online. A representative from PaFED will follow up with you to verify your information and welcome you to the organization!

Association Information & Public Resources

Distributor Directory

A complete directory of our regular members which include fire alarm equipment distributors.

Vendor Directory

A complete listing of current associate members which include national, regional and local service providers to the industry.

Board of Directors

The PaFED board is comprised of distinguished members of the association who have contributed extraordinary value to the life safety industry.

Lifetime Members

Lifetime or Honorary members have achieved this status based on a lifetime of dedication to the Fire Equipment Industry as a whole and to the growth of PAFED as an organization.

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