PaFD has designated eight committees to oversee the operations of the association. These committees are chaired by members of the board.



This committee was created to closely monitor all legislative action by Federal, State and Local governments that is relevant to our member companies. Along with monitoring existing and proposed laws, the Government Affairs committee is responsible for communicating our policy positions to lawmakers with respect to any legislation that affects our industry. When requested, we help draft legislation that will have a positive impact on our members and community. The committee represents the collective interests of our entire association when taking a position on laws, both existing and proposed.

The Committee is chaired by the President of the PAFED.


Committee Purpose:

The goal of the conference committee is to put together an educational program for the annual conference that meets the needs of every single member of PaFED.

With so many companies handling such a variety of systems, services, business models and size this can be quite challenging.

In past conferences we have geared the conference towards an owner/management tract and a technician based tract that caters to the hands on, pulling tools out every day to get the job done.

We as an organization believe these two paths are equally important to PaFED and our every day business structures.


Committee Purpose:
The Recognition Committee recognizes happenings in our industry and organization, be they deaths, sicknesses, awards for outstanding service to PAFED, as well as the successful use of portable fire extinguisher and fire protection systems. We ask that ALL members send us information as we all travel different circles.


Committee Purpose:

This committee is in charge of overseeing the association investments and making sure all of PAFED's assets are properly watched over for the protection of all of its members. The committee is chaired by the current Treasurer, the current President and the Association Manager.


Committee Purpose:

The goal of the Professional Development Committee is to put together technical and educational resources that assist member companies in training their employees. The variety of manufacturer and code specific knowledge that is required to work in this industry can be daunting and training new or existing hires requires countless hours. With that in mind, this committee will work with all manufacturers, distributors and organizations to give members training resources and direction. Available information and training-aids will be accessible to our members on our website and will be updated as resources are created or gathered.


Membership Committee Purpose:

The Membership Committee supports membership growth by recruiting new members, retaining/engaging current members and contacting lapsed members.


  • Reach out to potential new member applications to evaluate that they meet the requirements of PaFed bylaws for membership.
  • Answer any questions the new potential member may have and help them understand the benefits of becoming a PaFed member.
  • Submit recommendations to the board on the potential new member applicant. This will help the board with the duties of approving/rejecting their membership.
  • Address questions/get answers and follow up with current members.
    Contact lapsed members who have not renewed their membership to determine why and encourage them to rejoin

Nominations Committee Purpose:

Recruit current members for interest of running for board membership, follow up on submitted board membership nomination forms, open floor nominations before the election, hold the election for board members, collect/count the ballots and report the results of the election to the membership.


  • Actively recruit current members for prospects/interest of running for the board.
  • Accept board nomination forms and follow up on all forms.
  • Open floor nominations before the election is held. Accept floor nomination and check to make sure they meet all aspects of the nomination forms and then announce floor nomination to the membership.
  • Hold the election, collect all ballots, count all ballots.
  • Announce the results of the election to the membership.


Committee Purpose:

This committee supports PAFEDs efforts to promote fire safety and act as a liaison between local agencies and local communities.


Committee Purpose:

The website committee was developed to maintain and keep the website current with up to date information pertaining to our industry.
Should you have any information that would be useful please use the “contact” tab @

Association Information & Public Resources

Distributor Directory

A complete directory of our regular members which include fire alarm equipment distributors.

Vendor Directory

A complete listing of current associate members which include national, regional and local service providers to the industry.

Board of Directors

The PaFED board is comprised of distinguished members of the association who have contributed extraordinary value to the life safety industry.

Lifetime Members

Lifetime or Honorary members have achieved this status based on a lifetime of dedication to the Fire Equipment Industry as a whole and to the growth of PAFED as an organization.

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