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Association Office
3718 Westlake Rd
Erie,PA 16505
Toll Free: 888-923-3473
PHONE: 814-835-2302,
FAX: 814-838-5127







A & I Fire Extinguisher Co.
Contact: Don Robinson
Uniontown, PA Phone: 724-439-2500
Fax: 724-439-4055

ABC Fire Extinguisher Company

Contact: Deb Fannie

Pittsburgh, PA Phone: 412-821-9345
Fax: 412-821-9348
ABCO Fire Protection, Inc.
Contact: Matt Aloisio
Pittsburgh, PA

Phone: 412-373-7730

Fax: 412-372-5860
Advanced Fire Equipment
Contact: Vernon King
Greensburg, PA

Phone: 724-834-6550

Fax: 724-838-1111 or 724-834-4054
Aerial Fire Equipment Company
Contact: John R. Skrlac
Monaca, PA

Phone: 724-775-8759

Fax: 724-775-2598
Alarm Tech Suppression, Inc.
Contact: Richard Fix
Reading, PA

Phone: 610-916-1090

Fax: 610-916-0899
Allegheny Fire Equipment, Inc.
Contact: Michael A. Kotchey
Pittsburgh, PA Phone: 412-767-5030
Fax: 412-767-5031
Associated Fire Equipment
Contact: Rusty Erney
Whitehall, PA Phone: 610-443-1424
Fax: 610-443-1425

Atkinson Fire & Safety, Inc.

Contact: Michael Graham

Rimersburg, PA Phone: 814-473-8338
Fax: 814-473-8288

Atlantic Fire Equipment Co Inc

Contact: Steven Jaffe

Upper Darby , PA Phone: 610-789-7630
Fax: 610-789-8334

Aven Fire Systems, Inc.

Contact: Kenneth Aven

New Caslte, PA Phone: 724-658-3751
Fax: 724-658-1744

BFPE International - York

Contact: Lee Schmelyon

York, PA

Phone: 717-741-9980

Fax: 717-741-9981
Billyn Corporation
Contact: W. Ziefel
Graysville, PA Phone: 724-428-4428
Fax: 724-428-3086
Blue Mountain Environmental
Contact: Michael Guraly
Valencia, PA Phone: 724-898-4500
Fax: 724-898-2908
Blue's Fire Extinguiser Service, Inc
Contact: Marsha Blue
Johnstown, PA Phone: 814-536-0056
Fax: 814-536-0093
Boardman Fire Extinguisher Company, Inc.
Contact: Mark Boardman
Collingswood, NJ Phone: 215-563-5646
Fax: 865-858-9751
Cintas Corporation - Wilkes Barre
Contact: Kevin Odell
Pittston, PA

Phone: 570-891-0400

Fax: 570-655-2220

Clark Fire Protection

Contact: Randy Shenk ext. 316

Lancaster, PA Phone: 717-392-8334
Fax: 717- 392-8133

Comprehensive Fire Technologies

Contact: Sue Miller

Metuchen, NJ

Phone: 732-452-0255

Fax: 732-452-0444

Comprehensive Fire Technologies

Contact: Heather Reedy

Malvern, PA

Phone: 732-567-9538

Fax: 732-452-0444

Confires Fire Protection Service

Contact: Scott Agge

Derwood, MD

Phone: 301-591-4231

Fax: 301-330-8988

Delaware Valley Fire Equipment

Contact: Kathleen Dunn

Folsom, PA Phone: 610-586-2424
Fax: 610-586-3069

Extinguishing Systems, Inc.

Contact: Edward W. Hammill

Pittsburgh, PA Phone: 412-531-2300
Fax: 412-531-2735
Fire Alarm Maintenance Co.
Contact: Ken Scott
Clifton Heights, PA

Phone: 610-284-9600

Fax: 610-284-9900

Fire Fighter Sales Service Company

Contact: Bill Sperry

Warrendale, PA

Phone: 724-720-6000

Fax: 724-720-6099
Fire Protection Products, Inc
Contact: J Scott Thomas
Cumberland, MD Phone: 301-777-9200
Fax: 301-777-0068

Fire Protection Services, LLC

Contact: Roger Bonham

Souderton, PA

Phone: 215-234-8830

Fax: 215-660-5043

Fireline Group

Contact: Keith Day

Erie, PA Phone: 814-456-9634
Fax: 814-454-2941

Fire-X Sales & Service Corp

Contact: Carroll W Wollard, II

Hagerstown, MD

Phone: 301-714-1200

Fax: 301-714-2166

Fry's Fire Systems

Contact: Howard W Fry, III

Williamsport, PA

Phone: 570-322-3840

Fax: 570-326-5997

General Fire Equipment Company, Inc.

Contact: Mary McDonnell

Aston, PA

Phone: 610-485-8200

Fax: 610-485-2021
General Fire Protection Sales & Service, Inc.
Contact: George Nero
St. Mary's, PA Phone: 814-834-6401
Fax: 814-834-6401
George A. Kint, Inc.
Contact: Mike Kint
Harrisburg, PA Phone: 717-221-8000
Fax: 717-221-9000
Getz Fire Protection, Inc.
Contact: Randy Snodderly

Ephrata, PA

Phone: 717-859-2060

Fax: 717-859-5816

GL Kreiner Insurance, Inc

Contact: Brian Burkholder

Spring Grove , PA Phone: 717-521-8370
Fax: 717-744-5014

H & H Systems

Contact: Rob Hicks

Pottstown, PA

Phone: 610-495-5688

Fax: 610-495-5968

Hackman Fire Equipment

Contact: Ken Hackman

Lebanon, PA Phone: 717-273-4821
Fax: 717-273- 9511
Indiana Fire Equipment
Contact: Vernon King
Greensburg, PA

Phone: 724-349-5200

Fax: 724-834-4054

J & S Fire Protection Inc

Contact: Joeseph Spaeder

Drexel Hill , PA

Phone: 610-446-1282

Fax: 484-455-7104

J. Yurick's Emergency Equip. & Ambul.

Contact: James F Yurick

Oneida, PA

Phone: 570-384-4156

Fax: 570-384-2493

JAWCo Fire, Inc.

Contact: James White

Punxsutawney, PA

Phone: 814-938-8600

Fax: 814-938-7684

John Asta & Company

Contact: J Asta

Langhorne, PA

Phone: 215-785-0688

Fax: 215-788-2986

Kaza Fire Equipment Company

Contact: Andrew F Kaza

Ebensburg, PA

Phone: 814-472-8650

Fax: 814-472-4520

Keystone Fire Protection Co

Contact: John H Lawlor

North Wales, PA

Phone: 215-641-0100

Fax: 215-641-9638
Contact: Rocco Lugrine
Boothwyn, PA Phone: 610-627-1600
Fax: 610-627-1657
Kistler O'Brien Fire Protection
Contact: Scott Guzzo
Bethlehem, PA Phone: 610-266-7100
Fax: 610-266-7110
Liberty Fire Solutions, LLC
Contact: Barry Defibaugh
Claysburg, PA Phone: 814-239-3473
Mander Fire & Safety, Inc.
Contact: Pat Houshultz
Honesdale, PA Phone: 570-253-1819
Fax: 570-253-1819
Marco Fire Suppression
Contact: Warren Troisi
Exton, PA Phone: 610-363-2233
Fax: 610-363-2886

Martin Enterprises

Contact: Lee Martin

Earl, PA

Phone: 717-445-6220

Fax: 717-445-5857
Master Fire
Contact: Mike Sullivan
Erie, PA Phone: 814-454-4677
Fax: 814-456-7704
Mid-Atlantic Fire & Air
Contact: Tim Yoder
Reading, PA Phone: 610-372-5077
Fax: 610-372-9553

Mogel Fire Extinguisher Sales

Contact: Russell Mogel

Lenhartsville, PA Phone: 610-562-9650

Mont Del Fire Equipment Co, Inc.

Contact: James Hill

Upper Darby , PA Phone: 610-449-7008
Fax: 610-449-7253

National Fire Safety Company

Contact: Thomas Booska

Aliquippa, PA

Phone: 724-375-8103

Fax: 724-375-8103


O'Brien Mechanical LLC dba Lehigh Valley Fire Protection

Contact: Michael O'Brien

Emmaus, PA

Phone: 610-967-3828

Peifer's Fire Protection, Inc

Contact: Todd Peifer

Millersburg, PA

Phone: 717-362-1000

Fax: 570-362-1008
PFE Fire & Safety Corporation
(Pittsburgh Fire Extinguisher, Inc.)
Contact: Jeff Becker
Pittsburgh, PA Phone: 412-323-9774
Fax: 412-323-9784

Premier Safety & Service, Inc.

Contact: Keith Varadi

Oakdale, PA

Phone: 724-693-8699

Fax: 724-693-8698

Safety First Fire Equipment Sales

Contact: Gregory F Bolish

Dunbar, PA Phone: 724-277-4213
Fax: 724-277-0316

Shapiro Fire Protection Company

Contact: Mitchell Shapiro

Warminster, PA Phone: 215-675-9847
Fax: 215-675-4847

Sheffield Fire & Safety Company

Contact: Andrew S Pollack, Jr.

Aliquippa, PA

Phone: 724-375-7025
Fax: 724-375-0898


Simplex Grinnell

Contact: Mitch Taylor

Mechanicsburg, PA

Phone: 717-610-8100

Fax: 717-610-8101

Sneath Fire Safety Equipment, Inc

Contact: Craig Sneath

LaJose, PA
Phone: 814-277-6887
Fax: 814-277-6887
Suppression Systems, Inc.
Contact: Jeffrey Laderoute
Breinigsville, PA Phone; 610-709-5000
Fax: 610-709-5001
Susquehanna Fire Equipment Co
Contact: Seth Foust
Dewart, PA Phone: 570-538-0321
Fax: 571-538-5907

Swartz Fire & Safety Inc

Contact: Larry Swartz

Bellefonte, PA Phone: 814-355-9033
Fax: 814-355-1623

Tilley Fire Equipment Company

Contact: Joe Creighton

Doylestown, PA

Phone: 215-345-8066

Fax: 215-345-9357





A-Gas Americas
Contact: Terri AuFrance
Caledonia, NY Phone: 419-867-8990
Fax: 419-867-3279
Allen-Bailey Tag & Label, Inc.
Contact: Janice Hamilton
Caledonia, NY Phone: 866-869-6710
Fax: 585-538-3072
Amerex Corporation
Contact: Steve Keefer
West Chester, PA Phone: 610-701-8361
Fax: 610-701-8496
Ansul Incorporated
Jeffrey T. Webb
Turbotville, PA Phone: 570-649-5162
Fax: 570-649-5163
Badger Fire Protection
Contact: Brook Holden
Philadelphia, PA Phone: 215-370-9115
Fax: 804-360-0435
Badger Fire Protection
Contact: Carmel Leek
Rochester, PA Phone: 724-774-4062
Fax: 724-774-0984
Brooks Equipment Company, Inc.
Contact: Bob Mete
Charlotte, NC Phone: 800-826-3473
Fax: 800-433-9265
Buckeye Fire Equipment
Contact: Chris Szucs
Kings Mountain, NC Phone: 800-438-1028
Fax: 704-739-7418
Cambridge Security Seals
Contact: Donna Holmsen
Pomona, NY Phone: 845-520-4111
Card Connect - KC Division.
Contact: Shaila Miller
Overland Park, KS Phone: 913-998-9733
Fax: 913-953-5353
CS Halon & Equipment Sales, Inc.
Contact: Cranston Sherley
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA Phone: 888-624-1301
Fax: 949-916-1944
Dancheck's Extinguishers & Service Inc
Contact: Charles Dancheck, Jr
Edwardsville, PA Phone: 570-589-1610
Fax: 570-763-5072
Dolan's Fire Protection Supply
Contact: Peter C Dolan
Lakewood, NJ Phone: 732-363-7778
Fax: 732-363-8736
ELS - Emergency Lighting Service Corp
Contact: Jane Watts
Decatur, GA Phone: 800-334-5066
Fax: 770-981-9572
Excab, Inc.
Contact: Todd Beatty
Honesdale, PA Phone: 800-525-0763
Fax: 800-732-6952
Getz Equiment Innovators
Contact: Rod Getz
Peoria, IL Phone: 888-747-4389
Fax: 309-495-0625
Getz Manufacturing
Contact: Dan Sights
North Pekin, IL Phone: 309-382-4389
Fax: 309-382-6088
Globe Technologies Corporation
Contact: Michael J Laderoute
Standish, MI Phone: 866-456-2350
Fax: 989-846-9697
Guardian Safety Solutions International, Inc.
Contact: Paul Rouse
Dallas, TX Phone: 972-252-6201
Fax: 972-594-7826
H3R Clean Agents
Contact: Eugene Chizhov
Petaluma, CA Phone: 800-249-4289
Fax: 707-765-3395
HaLoServe, Inc.
Contact: James P. Lonergan
Philadelphia, PA Phone: 215-637-0940
Heiser Logistics, Inc.
Contact: Tracey J. Fuller
Canandaigua, NY Phone: 800-828-9638
Fax: 585-919-6930
Hydro-Test Products Company
Contact: Tom Sauta
Stow, MA Phone: 800-225-9488
Fax: 978-897-1942
Insurance Solutions of America, Inc.
Contact: Scott Lugering
Winter Springs, FL Phone: 407-332-0033
Fax: 407-332-0030
Jalite, Inc
Contact: Alex Yost
Matamoras, PA Phone: 800-901-4374
Fax: 570-296-2206
Kidde Fire Systems
Contact: Vern Gross
Hopedale, MA Phone: 508-889-6890
L & J Fire Equipment
Contact: Scott Lewis
Ocala, FL Phone: 800-250-5602
Fax: 352-732-0039
M & M Plastic Design
Contact: Ronald Miller
Ebensburg. PA Phone: 814-472-5562
Fax: 814-472-4796
No email
Main Line Insurance
Contact: Larry S.
Paoli, PA Phone: 610-647-5015
Fax: 610-647-2777
Strike First Corporation of America
Contact: Angie Williams
Front Royal, VA Phone: 540-636-4444
Fax: 540-636-4455
Wesco HMB Inc
Contact: Shannon Esopenko
Metuchen, NJ Phone: 732-983-5416
Fax: 866-469-2172
Straut, Gerry
Contact: Gerry Straut
Millersville, MD Phone: 410-987-7482
Fax: 410-987-3652



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